Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Pet Peeves

One of ( my many) pet peeves is when a scheduler emails you or calls and says you had misspelled words so they will have to dock your pay. Then in their email you spot at least a dozen misspelled words. I guess its o.k for them to misspell but not us. Who will dock their pay?

We don't make but peanuts anyway, while they sit back and get the big bucks while we are out there spending gas money, the cost of ink to print out the materials and the paper. All have to be figured in the cost. Then they will give us 6-8 dollars and on top of this dock our pay.

In all fairness, not all companies are like this. When one does this to me I will write to them and tell them about their misspelling ( kidding of course) and tell them I am docking their pay. Then I tell them to take me off their list I don't want to work for them any more.

I just hope none of you beginners have this problem. Don't despair because not all companies are like this. Most you will find are pretty reasonable to work for. More of my pet peeves later.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mystery Shopping

A few more tidbits about MYSTERY SHOPPING for you. There is a scam now going around that they are using checks with a well known Mystery Shopping name on the check. It looks real and even has the name of the owner on the check signed by him/her. They are requesting that you send them a certain amount of money and they guarantee you will make at least 250.00 right away.There never is any guarantee's in mystery shopping that you will make any certain amount. No company can guarantee you this. First off they themselves don't know how many hours you wish to work, or how many shops will be available in your area so how could they guarantee you this?

If you want to be worry free and know which company is good and which is bad, one thing to do is check the Better Business Bureau in the town you live in or the town the company is in. If they have no bad reports on this company you are inquiring about then you are o.k. Another thing to do and a better choice is check this company out in the mystery shopping forums. There are lots of them out there. Check the company out with several of them.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Word of Caution about Mystery Shopping

I want everyone to please be aware of MYSTERY SHOPPING scam artist. A lot of this is going around. I don't want to frighten anyone off just start mystery shopping but I do want to warn you.These scam artist prey on people who they see are interested in MS. What they do is send you an email or a letter in the mail telling you how you can make up to 500.00 a day or more mystery shopping.You can make money doing this but I haven't heard of anyone making this kind of money.What they tell is they will send you an check for $2500.00You in return keep $200.00 for you part and send them the rest through a money gram. Then they tell you this is to evaluate the money gram service is why they are doing it. The check looks real and even has a legal MS companies name on it.If you fall for this scam you are out $2500.00 for which you must reimburse your bank for. If you ever get a check like this my advice is to call the mystery shopping company and ask them about it. It is highly unlikely they would send someone a$2500.00 .MS companies just don't do this. So be very careful about this. Good luck. See you next time.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still Need more info ?

Sign up at for shopping jobs. It lists the jobs from various companies and once you have signed up they will send you an email to let you know about shops available.Want more advice still and have questions not answered here? Go to and read the mystery shopping advice given there. You can ( once signed up) can even give your opinions on mystery shopping. Hope all this advice helps someone. I know when i first started I was very skeptical. I though no one is going to pay me to shop. This has got to be a scam. It really isn't, However there are a lot of scammers out there in the field you just have to be careful. One thing I would like to mention is that none of these companies will send an email and ask for your password. This is for you alone to know. I have been getting emails from different companies ( especially from Pay Pal) stating they will close my account unless I send them my name, phone , address and password. IGNORE this emails they are bogus.First off common sense tells you they already have most of this info why would they ask you for it? And second your password is yours and no one should ask for it. No one should know it but you.

More Shopping advice

"See my 2 advice blogs that I posted into chat room by mistake. Tells where to go to get free Mystery Shopping lists, over 200 companies.Now as promised here are some very good companies that I work for that is reliable and trustworthy.So be sure to sign up with these. Ann Michael's, Best Mark, Beyond Hello, Business Evaluation Services, Corporate Research, Check Mark, Certified Field Associates, ICDDS, ICU, I Myst, Intellishop, Marketing Endeavors, Kern Scheduling, Maritz, Quest for the Best, Ritter & Associates, Service Alliance, Speed Mark, Service Intelligence, Service Check, Service Advantage, Shoppers Critique, Second to None, Stop n Check, Strategic Reflections, Trend Source. These are just a few good companies that I work for.One more important issue I must point out. If you don't have a Pay Pal account you must go sign up for a free account. Most of these companies pay you through Pay Pal.Some will send checks but most pay through Pay Pal so its very important you sign up now. It is totally free.Another consideration is go to MS PA and sign up for there free certification for the silver certification. You will get more shops this way. You read the info on there site, take the test and become certified as a silver shopper.